What is liposuction?

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When fat is removed from one’s body using a pump, the process is called liposuction. Those who are not happy with their excess weight can now solve the problem by having liposuction performed. It must be understood that liposuction alone cannot and will not remove massive amount of fat, for this the individual must rely on diet and exercise. Once a person gets close to their target weight, any excess pockets of fat that are stubborn can be eliminated using liposuction. The areas that are most often treated are the thighs, belly, hips and buttocks.

Liposuction in Beverly Hills will most certainly give one a slimmer, trimmer figure but to keep the weight off the person must follow a regimented diet and exercise plan. If the person does not maintain his or her ideal weight the fat will come back. If having a slim and trim figure is important then you cannot rely wholly on medical intervention, proper steps must be taken otherwise it will prove to be a waste of time and money.

Liposuction in Beverly Hills is performed by a licensed doctor who practices cosmetic surgery. The surgery is perfectly safe and if the area is reasonably small it rarely takes over two hours from start to finish and the patient can go straight home. In the event the area to be treated is considerable the surgeon will normally suggest the patient spend the night in the hospital under observation.

During liposuction anesthesia is used so the patient will usually be groggy after the procedure. Because of this the doctor will ask that you are driven to the clinic or hospital and picked up later, this is doubly important when the procedure is done on an outpatient basis.

There will usually be some evidence of swelling or redness after the procedure is completed but this after effects are short lived. Just like after any surgical procedure, it is best to rest and take it easy, do not lift anything heavy and avoid strenuous exercise without the surgeon’s approval. Usually the patient who has undergone liposuction in Beverly Hills will wear a compression garment for a couple of weeks to provide support from any swelling.

Because liposuction is invasive there will be scarring after the procedure. The surgeon who performs the procedure will normally send the patient home with a prescription for antibiotics just to make sure there is no infection. To ensure a successful procedure just follow the doctor’s instructions to the letter.

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