Tips for Saving Money on Your Air Conditioning

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It is a known fact that air conditioning prices sky rocket in the summer. Even when you turn on five or more fans throughout the house, air conditioning in places like Clearwater, FL is a must. Heat can be brutal, and sweating is no fun. Turn those fans off and follow these simple steps for saving money on your next air conditioning bill.

Maintain Your System

Few people truly understand the importance of preventative maintenance. By enrolling in a preventative maintenance program for an annual or twice-a-year tune up, you are ensuring that your system runs efficiently. As certain A/C components slowly fall into disrepair, they can actually cost you more money than if you just replace the part. Older and damaged parts tend to use more electricity. Furthermore, preventative maintenance measures will catch minor problems before they become major problems, saving you big bucks. Lastly, many AC contractors will actually provide you a discount on any repair services you need if you are enrolled in their preventative maintenance program.

Conserve Energy

A whole host of tips exist on how to make your home “greener.” Use sealant or tape to seal any small gaps where air could escape; this will reduce the amount of time that your air conditioner needs to run to keep your home cool. Remove dark stains on walls, ceilings, and insulation, as they indicate areas of air leaks and heat loss. Fixing duct leaks and optimizing air filters also help to save on cooling costs. Better insulate your home whenever possible to keep cool air trapped inside. For more tips on making your home greener, consult the vast amount of information that exists online.

Use, Don’t Abuse

This one single step is perhaps the most important – turn off your air conditioning unit when you leave the home for more than 3 hours. Some people do not like to arrive home to a warm house, but if your A/C is as effective as it should be, your home should be cooled down within a matter of minutes or turning it back on. Many systems also have an auto feature or timer to match your routine and only turn on when specified.

Whether you need air conditioning in Clearwater, FL or Chicago, IL, think about the costs you are incurring, especially in the summertime. Use the tips above to cut back on costs and maximize your energy potential.

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