Types of Dives You Wwant to Check Out on a Dive Trip in Key Largo

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If you’re taking a trip to the Florida Keys, there’s one thing you’re not going to want to miss: all the underwater excitement! The Florida Keys is known as one of the top diving spots in the world, and for good reason. There are plenty of tropical fish to be seen, and you can usually catch a glimpse of sharks, eels, and other marine life. If you’re planning a dive trip in Key Largo, there’s a few different types of dives you may be interested in doing.

Shallow Reef Dives

The reefs in Florida are full of fish and other exotic marine life. You may see a moray eel, shark, or other large marine animals as part of your dive. You’ll also see an abundance of local fish, and the dive instructor at the dive shop you go through will be able to tell you what kind of fish you saw. Keep an eye out for sea cucumbers, sea anemones, and other creatures as well as you swim through the reefs.

Deep Wreck Dives

The Florida coast is known for some of its shipwrecks. Stormy weather and hurricanes have caught many unsuspecting ships, and others have been deliberately sunk to encourage the growth of the marine life. Two of the most popular shipwrecks you can dive are the USS Spiegel Grove and the USCG Cutter Duane. You’ll need to have an advanced open water certification for these dives, but they are well worth it.

Lobster Dives

Lobster dives in the Florida Keys are generally done at places like Pennekamp State Park or by the Key Largo National Underwater Marine Sanctuary. These are protected areas, which means that you cannot catch the lobsters or take anything away from the site. However, that also helps to ensure that every time you go on a lobster dive here you’re guaranteed to see some of the lobsters you enjoy living in their natural habitat.

If you plan one or more of these dives for your dive trip in Key Largo, you won’t be disappointed! All dive trips require certification, but your local dive shop can help you become certified if you don’t have a certification or yours is expired. To see the ocean life up close, make sure you plan a dive trip as part of your vacation in the Florida Keys.