Top Reasons Denver Homeowners Choose Blown-In Attic Insulation

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Determining the correct type of insulation for a home can be a challenge. In the past, most insulation contractors and most Denver homeowners chose the old style of fiberglass batt insulation, which is not a bad choice for many applications.

However, with today’s increased technology and development of insulating materials, blown in attic insulation is a preferred option for many homes. Talking with your insulation contractor will allow you to understand why this is being recommended and the advantages it offers.

Coverage Simplified

A very common problem with fiberglass batt types of insulation is their inability to conform to specific shapes and areas in an attic. With the use of blown in attic insulation, coverage can be complete, even over and around different items in the attic such as ducts, pipes, cables, and wires.

With the spray, rather than the need to cut and insert, the insulation can fully cover the surface and fill in voids, providing a complete insulation for the entire attic space.

Low Environmental Footprint

Most homeowners today want to avoid a large environmental footprint when boosting their insulation or replacing the old insulation. For new home construction the same holds true, and blown in attic insulation offers a very environmentally friendly option.

This insulation is typically made from recycled materials and, as it is mulched and processed prior to being applied, it can include a very wide range of recycled material options.

Cost Savings

The choice of blown in insulation in the attic will provide two different types of cost savings for the Denver homeowner. The first is that the cost of installation will be less with a streamlined and efficient installation process. The second consideration is that the efficiency of the insulation will decrease the loss of heat in the winter and cold air in the summer, helping to lower the cost of temperature control in the home all year round.