Tree roots can cause clogged drains

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Plumbers frequently run across tree roots growing in drains and, believe it or not, growing under the slab and appearing in the toilet. This may sound almost impossible but it happens more frequently than one might expect.

This problem will not happen in homes that are built on basement, but homes that are built on a slab are targets. Roots from trees that are planted reasonably close to the house can, over time, grow up from under the slab and from there into the bottom of the toilet and then down into the plumbing drain pipe. When this happens you need drain cleaning in Nassau as there can be all kinds of problems to solve.

Common signs to look out for:

All toilets will clog periodically; these clogs can normally be cleared by using a simple plunger. These annoying clogs are not a definite sign that there is root invasion of the drainage but it can be one of the early symptoms.

If you find that the clogs become more and more frequent and more difficult to clear there is a very good chance that there are tree roots in the drain somewhere.

Another indication of root invasion is if the clog is localized. It is not difficult to determine if the problem is localized, if the other toilets in the house are also stopped up and when flushed, the waste comes up through the shower or tub drains then the problem is in the main drain leading from the property. If the other toilets are acting properly then there is a good chance that roots have invaded the toilet in question.

How to handle the problem:

When you believe you have a problem of this magnitude you should seriously consider getting your drain cleaning in Nassau done by professionals as they have the tools and the skill to tackle this.

A toilet auger will have to be used, if the auger goes into the drain about six feet and returns with evidence of roots then the problem is normally roots under the toilet.

This is where the professionals come in; the toilet must be lifted from the seal and removed to access the drain. Once the toilet has been removed the roots are obvious and from here the plumber can tackle the problem satisfactorily.

If you need drain cleaning in Nassau you are invited to call Citywide Sewer & Drain, with 24/7 response to emergencies you will never have to be concerned about the potential problems caused by a clogged drain.