What is Managed windows dedicated server?

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Unlike other types of web hosting services, managed windows dedicated server includes a complete service package providing server installation and maintenance services. This type of web hosting service allots bandwidth and disc space of a server to a single customer. Another name for this service is Windows server hosting. Like other hosting services, windows server hosting companies provide computers with Internet capability to website owners and developers to store their files including images, scripts, web pages and others. When web users type a domain name or IP address into their browsers, they are directed to the users’ websites on their host servers.

Benefits of Managed Server Hosting
Managed dedicated web hosting has multiple benefits. Firstly, it allows automation of operations that rely on policy-based and script-based management tools. One of the features of a windows server is known as Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). This feature allows server administrators to deploy and manage group policies for multiple sites and domains. Moreover, this can be undertaken through a simple user interface. Secondly, users can convert windows servers from a file server to a collaborative server. It allows website owners to create websites easily. This option also offers users the ability to share information easily enhancing team productivity. Website owners can house thousands of websites in one server.

Thirdly, dedicated windows servers allow website owners to find and share website services easily. Windows dedicated servers are popular due to their user-friendly features. They come with multi-platform universal description, integration and discovery. These help website owners establish a dynamic and flexible infrastructure. There are many other benefits of dedicated windows hosting including a secure and open infrastructure as well as affordability.

A dedicated windows server is suitable for website owners and developers who rely on Active Server Pages Technology. However, Owners of websites with large files, multiple websites or those who need to customize their sites will find dedicated windows servers to be a useful option. It is important to note that dedicated windows servers cost more than shared servers. Maintenance and technical support is part of the managed windows dedicated server package.