Types Of Dealers Offering Auto Glass Replacement In Marana To Avoid

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Finding a top-quality shop offering services related to auto glass replacement in Marana is not such a daunting task. Obviously, just like in any other industry out there, customers will have to deal with find some unscrupulous companies that offer low prices just to attract their clientele. However, the services provided are far from being professional. In order to stay away from these scam companies, you need to discover how they think and act. The following types of auto glass replacement shops should be avoided as much as possible.

* Shops that can replace your auto glass in less than one hour. – Usually, if a company can get the job done extremely fast, they are probably using poor adhesives or low quality materials. Always inquire about the time needed to repair, replace or tint your car windows. These procedures should not take more than 3 hours.

* No website or only a phone number listed. – You should also stay away from dealers offering auto glass replacement in Marana that cannot be contacted. A professional company will have a professional website, a contact us form, a Google Maps view and a phone number & email address listed on the website. A car glass repair and installation dealer that is not well known in the area or has an incomplete website does not worth your effort. You should also check up with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in order to determine if whether or not the shop you want to go to is a licensed repair facility.

* Sell auto glass. – Vehicle dealers who sell auto glass might charge you more than what the market rate is. Your glass should be replaced or repaired at a standard cost. Find out this cost by checking up with the BBB or by asking someone you trust.

* Do not use DOT or OEM parts. – OEM and DOT parts are window replacement parts made by the manufacturer. A professional glass replacement shop should use top quality glass instead of DOT or OEM, which are considered below average when it comes to quality.

* Offer free services. – Dealers offering auto glass replacement in Marana and also offer other free services are not necessarily trustworthy.

One of the most reliable dealers offering auto glass replacement is Dwight’s Glass and Tint. When working with the pros from Dwight’s, you can be sure that all your needs will be well taken care of.