Types Of Roof Materials A Roofing Company In Granite City Can Install On Your Home

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Choosing the type of roof to put on your house doesn’t have to be a hard decision. When selecting your roofing materials, you’ll want to take the cost into consideration as well as the life expectancy of the roof and its efficiency. Before you hire a contractor, look for an experienced roofing company in Granite City that can install any type of roof you choose. Below you’ll find information about the most common types of roofing materials available.

Asphalt Shingles

These are the least costly type of roofing material, they’re easy to install and they’ll last up to 30 years. These shingles don’t add very much insulation to your home and since they’re made from petroleum and aren’t recyclable, they’re not environmentally friendly.


If you want a metal roof, you can choose from aluminum, stainless steel or copper. A metal roof is very energy efficient because of its high insulating properties and your home will be cooler in the summer because it reflects the heat of the sun. Metal can be recycled and you can expect your metal roof to last over 50 years. This lightweight material can hold its own against high winds and hail.


If you prefer your home to have a natural roof, wood shingles or shakes is the best option. These roofs can last for over 30 years but they can rot or split due to age and wear. This roofing material isn’t fire resistant at all, but you can purchase wood shingles that have been treated with a fire resistant coating.

Concrete Tiles

Once concrete or clay tiles are installed on your roof, they’re very heavy. For this reason, your framing will have to be reinforced to hold up the weight of the tiles. These tiles are extremely durable, fire resistant and they hold up to any type of weather conditions. They’re energy efficient and after a roofing company in Granite City installs them on your roof, you can expect them to last for at least 50 years.

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