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Humans have loved jewelry throughout their existence. Tens of thousands of years ago people adorned themselves with jewelry crafted from the materials they had available to them. Feathers, shells and bone were common options as were wood, rocks and flowers. Every culture around the world continues to appreciate the value of jewelry. Although some have developed a few odd customs around them.


Many Asian cultures have believed pearls cure a variety of illnesses. Pearls were often crushed and swallowed because of this belief. Although the custom was once common, today people now know that calcium carbonate is the predominant ingredient in pearls -; the active ingredient in antacid tablets.

Mourning Victorians

The Victorians would remove a lock of hair from a deceased love one to keep. That may not seem unusual but this hair would then be displayed inside a piece of jewelry and worn. The hair was often woven into intricate designs. It was used in rings, lockets, pendants and brooches. These pieces are popular with collectors today.

Eyes Like Diamonds

The Netherlands has become the only place in the world where a product known as extraocular implants are available. These implants are metallic jewelry pieces in various shapes that are inserted beneath the cornea. Ophthalmologists are the only ones who are able to install these jewels.

Nose Piercing

More than a fashion statement, native people around the world have pierced the nose for many reasons. Warriors often has a bone placed in the piercing in their septum to show display their ferocity. Tribal leaders often wore large gold rings to show their place in the tribe. Indian Hindu women often have their left nostril pierced after marrying -; a sign of fertility.

Luckily, in the United States people only need to wear jewelry because they enjoy it. Of course jewelry does still have deep meanings for many and the choice to purchase jewelry is one to be taken seriously. Enix Jewelers is a Knoxville Jewelry Store that has the experience to help you find the perfect piece.

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