Utilizing An Illinois Private Investigator For Discovery In A Divorce Case

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An Illinois private investigator presents you with a wide spectrum of services that enables you to determine several factors within your life. Among them are determining if your spouse has hidden bank accounts or assets of which you are not aware. Through discovery, your private investigator can determine whether your spouse possesses these assets and the overall value. These determinations are utilized in divorce cases to ensure equal division of the marital assets. To acquire these services today, contact All State Investigation.

Discovery of Assets

In divorce proceedings, it is necessary to hire an investigator if you believe that your spouse has hidden assets from you. As a spouse you have the right to half of all marital assets owned by you and your spouse. However, in some divorce cases, it is common for a spouse to make attempts to hide funds and properties from you to keep these items out of the divorce agreement. An investigator can uncover these details and present you with the proof you need to include them in your divorce case. This evidence is admissible in court and will assist you in ensuring that marital assets are properly divided.

Local Investigation

All State Investigation provides you with invaluable evidence to use in your divorce or child custody case. This evidence includes telephone conversations, surveillance video feeds, and documentation. These investigators can establish whether a spouse has hidden assets in which you are entitled to receive half in a divorce case. The findings of the investigation are admissible in court in most cases. To discover more about private investigation, contact All State Investigation or visit their website for further details at Allstateinvestigation.com.


By hiring an Illinois private investigator you can discover evidence that is admissible in your divorce or child custody cases. This evidence includes documentation related to bank accounts, physical evidence that may prove that your spouse is a risk to the welfare of your children, and the discovery of assets. Your investigator will present you with this evidence after the investigation is concluded. If you are ready to discover more about hidden details that you have always questioned, contact All State Investigation today.