Variable Frequency Drive: Keep Your Electric Motor Running Optimally

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Does your manufacturing or industrial facility operate using electric motors? For companies looking to meet market demands, variable speed drives are important investments to consider. If you haven’t already, buying a variable frequency drive for your facility is an excellent way to both cut back on energy expenses and improve output. Adjustable frequency drives allow motors to operate at lower speeds and voltages, which aids companies with completing tasks more efficiently and cost-effectively. You can purchase a drive from a certified company that regularly supplies electrical components to various industry professionals.

What Does a VFD Do?
There are many different types of control devices for electric motors, one being a variable frequency drive (VFD). VFDs are also referred to as adjustable speed drives and variable speed drives. Simply put, VFDs adjust the voltage and frequency applied to electric motors. In many instances, applications and operations don’t require the full power and speed of an electric motor. Using excess voltage and frequency can not only lead to high energy costs, but also mechanical problems down the road. The purpose of a VFD is to adjust the frequency and voltage to suit the application or operation at hand.

Reduced Mechanical Stress
One of the most notable benefits of VFDs is longer life of machinery and equipment. Variable speed drives integrate easily with electric motors, allowing you adjust and start the motor without any sort of mechanical “shock”. Because VFDs regulate voltage and speed, you’ll experience fewer problems with overloads and overvoltage. Well-maintained electric motors can last for many years. With an adjustable speed drive, you’ll save money on replacement parts and repairs, as your motor won’t be forced to work at maximum speeds continuously.

Lessened Energy Costs
Implementing a variable speed drive will also drastically lessen energy costs, as you won’t have to draw as much power to operate the motor. You’ll gain much tighter control over the speed of your electric motor, saving your company considerable amounts of money. Additionally, because you’ll likely experience less problems with your motor, you and your employees will have the opportunity to boost production and overall productivity. By decreasing energy bills and boosting revenue through the use of a VFD, your organization will benefit tremendously.

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