Vets In Chicago Offer Convenient Options For Pet Owners

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Although we rely on our four-legged friends to keep us company, provide us with entertainment, and to help us feel better when we’re under the weather, every now and then they need medical attention, too. It’s easy to get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and overlook this important fact, but it’s wise to have some place to take our pets when they need care, whether it’s a simple well check or they are ill. When you’re in need of vets in Chicago, you can find a local clinic that also offers a mobile service.

Sometimes, you need to get your pet to the vet clinic in a timely manner, but most offices close during the late afternoon or early evening. This puts pet owners in a real bind because their only options are to wait until the following day when the office reopens, or take their pet to the animal emergency room, which can be stressful and quite costly. One of the main advantages of going to Metropolitan Veterinary Center is they offer superb service and provide top quality care for their patients with the added benefit of extended hours. This can help immensely when you’re rushing home from work and trying to coordinate care for your special pet.

Another perk is they offer a mobile service, which means they can come to you and see your pet. Sometimes, animals cannot handle the stress of travel during an illness or after an injury. Perhaps the owner cannot physically bring the animal in because of transportation issues, or maybe they don’t have the mobility to bring their pet in to the office. This service takes those worries away and brings the multi-service mobile clinic to you and your pet. This is very reassuring and convenient for worried pet owners and their beloved companions, and when and if the time comes, they also offer mobile hospice service to provide your pet with the utmost dignity and respect during their remaining time.

When you’re ready to choose vets in Chicago, make sure you check out their website or give them a call to set up an appointment, to keep your pet healthy and happy and provide you with an excellent partner in pet care. Contact Metropolitan Veterinary Center for more information.