Walk Just One Block to Campus Each Day and Enjoy Many Amenities

by | Jul 11, 2022 | Real Estate

While you are likely looking forward to going to the university, you may feel overwhelmed with the idea of living in a dorm. Dorm life means little privacy and space. It means sticking to a curfew and following a long list of other rules. You should know that there is a better and more exciting option. Here is what you can expect from students apartments near Cal State Fullerton.

It takes just a couple of seconds to get from a dorm to class every day. However, student apartments are conveniently located just one block away. You are likely to agree that it is better to walk one block and enjoy privacy and a long list of amenities than to squeeze into a tiny space and follow many rules to save just a few seconds each day.

Students apartments near Cal State Fullerton offer many amenities that will save you money and make your life more convenient and enjoyable. You can expect a 24-hour fitness center, two swimming pools, grilling stations, a poolside clubroom with billiards, and a study and business center. There are on-site restaurants and retail stores.

The apartment will be spacious and comfortable. It comes completely furnished and has an HDTV in the living room. There are covered balconies and patios where you can get some fresh air. There is also in-unit laundry.

Learn how Alight Fullerton is a top-quality student housing option that serves Cal State Fullerton and is located just one block from campus by visiting this website https://alight-fullerton.com.

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