What to Look for In Glass Bead Blasting Media Suppliers

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There are a number of reasons companies choose glass bead blasting media over other blasting media on the market. One of the most important reasons is that glass blasting media can be combined with plastic to create a soft and hard abrasive material that is economical and exceptional for customized blasting media. Both glass beads and plastic media can be reused and recycled, which makes them a cost-effective option.

However, finding a consistent quality and the inventory you need can be a challenge. Working with the top glass bead blasting media suppliers helps to address the common problems of buying from a local distributor rather than from the manufacturer.

Specialized Solutions

For use on aircraft, look for glass bead blasting media suppliers that offer MIL-SPEC blast media. However, it is also ideal to look for a supplier that also offers a range of blast media for engines, automotives, equipment, and electronics.

Specialized suppliers may also offer media, typically glass bead and plastic, for use in extreme conditions such as oil and gas applications and for equipment used in aerospace.

Established and Proven

Whether you are looking for glass bead blasting media suppliers, plastic media, or specialized media suppliers, look for companies with a proven track record of customer service. These are companies that have quality blasting media, fast order turnaround times, and the inventory on-hand to fill all customer orders quickly.

Taking the time to find the right supplier is instrumental in ensuring your surface stripping and preparation work is consistent, effective, and cost-efficient.