Wall Ties That Bind

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It always seems as though the smallest things in life are the most important. We’re told it’s little things in life like a smile, a laugh or our favorite song that make life worth living. The same philosophy can be applied to a house. Wall ties are small, but they play a bit part in keeping the walls of your house from crumbling. Wall ties “tie” together the two walls that make up the foundation of your house. If you’re wondering why your foundation is made up of two walls, the reason is that the space between the walls acts as an insulator and helps the house stand up to strong winds. Without those walls, you may walk out of your house one day to find that a giant section of the house’s wall in your yard, or worse, on top of your car. If you’re shopping for new wall ties in Eastbourne, you need to know the different types of wall ties so that you get the right kind.

Mason wall ties are a basic type of wall tie used to bind the walls of your house together. Mason wall ties utilize a shifting shape or another type of mechanism that keeps moisture from moving across the tie. This type of wall tie has a dedicated clip to keep insulation inside of the gap between foundation walls. Movement wall ties can be used to tie masonry walls back to steelwork, masonry or any other type of structure by allowing movement on one side and restricting it on the other. Lateral restraint ties are used to restrain masonry walls to pre-existing walls, steelwork or any other type of pre-existing structure. Restraint ties keep masonry walls and other structures from shifting.

One of the reasons that you may have to buy new wall ties in Eastbourne is because structures built before the 1930s used wall ties made of galvanized steel, which wasn’t strong enough to do the job. If corrosive black ash mortar was used on the structure, that could also weaken the wall ties. Houses and other buildings that are close to the sea, ocean, lake and other bodies of water are more susceptible to their wall ties rusting. Places with heavy rainfall and large amounts of salt in the air are other causes. If any of these apply to you, you may want to look into getting new wall ties in Eastbourne.