Warning Signs That You Need Car Transmission Repair in St. Clair Shores

by | Aug 1, 2013 | Automotive

Are you constantly dealing with inconsistent fluid levels? Is your driveway covered in a pink-colored oil? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions then you probably need to get car transmission repair in St. Clair Shores. Slow response or slow acceleration signifies a problem and by familiarizing yourself with the symptoms, you can get car transmission repair in St. Clair Shores before the issue gets worse. There are three main warning signs associated with car transmission repair in St. Clair Shores and by understanding each of them; you can reduce the risks of breaking down.

Slow Response to Gear Shifting

You may be confused when you notice that the gears are responding slowly, simply because slow gear shifting can be a sign of a number of problems. Despite this, if you notice acceleration problems too, the transmission is probably what is causing the issue. This is a very dangerous complication because if you are traveling at high speeds on a public road, or any other road for that matter, the gears may completely break and you will have limited control over the vehicle. By contacting a company that offers car transmission repair in St. Clair Shores you can improve your safety and the safety of other motorists.

Discolored Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is normally pink in color; therefore if it is discolored then you may need car transmission repair in St. Clair Shores. Discolored fluid will indicate a contamination and this is especially true if the fluid is filled with pieces of debris or other types of particles. Is the fluid black in color? If so, the transmission is probably overheating and becoming damaged every time the vehicle is being driven. Is the fluid purple in color? In this case the likely scenario is that the transmission is overheating, but has not yet become damaged. A red/brown odorless fluid will definitely be contaminated.

Low Fluid Levels

Does the transmission fluid appear to be very low, even though you top it up on a regular basis? If this is true, transmission fluid is probably leaking. It is difficult to say where the transmission is leaking from because, after all, these components are designed with 20 different seals. If just one of the seals becomes loose, the fluid will drip slowly whereas if more than one seal is open, the fluid level will decrease quite quickly. If the fluid comes into contact with the engine the vehicle could ignite, so take caution.

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