Advantages of a Compact Subwoofer

Subwoofers are designed to increase the dynamic range, achieve a deeper bass, and improve the bass and midrange of sound. While many individuals opt for larger subwoofers due to mere size, smaller subwoofers can produce just as big as sound with quality performance. There are a number of advantages that come with purchasing a compact subwoofer for the home. Here you will find important information on the various sized subwoofers available on the market today.

Compact Subwoofers
Due to their smaller, portable size, compact subwoofers have become a popular option for sound enthusiasts. A compact subwoofer can be easily installed in many locations while still producing adequate sound and enough volume to fill a room. If you are considering compact subwoofers for your home theater or stereo system, opt for a high end design for better sound.

Mid-Size Subwoofers
Mid-size subwoofers are typically found with speaker cones that are 6 to 8 inches in diameter. While mid-size subwoofers are compact in nature, subwoofers in this range can still efficiently produce low frequencies. Whether or not you need a mid-size subwoofer compared to a compact subwoofer will depend on how high you need the volume and the amount of space you need to fill with sound.

Large Subwoofers
To reproduce low frequencies subwoofers require a lot of air movement. Loudspeakers that are 10 inches in diameter or larger are naturally suited for transferring vibration into sound. However, this does not mean that compact subwoofers are not able to produce a high quality of sound. Bigger speakers require more power and additional amplification may be needed.

Other Considerations
Compact subwoofers have become a must-have audio product among audiophiles. High end subwoofers are able to produce clear, distinct sound – no matter the size. Many consumers prefer the smaller subwoofers due to mere convenience and design versatility. Consider these factors when deciding on subwoofers for your home audio system.

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