Ways an Attorney can be Helpful When Applying for NYS Worker’s Comp in Rochester NY

Filing for NYS Worker’s Comp in Rochester NY can be a very challenging experience for many people. While the process seems simple enough, it can be much more complicated than one might realize. This is because there are a number of very specific and detailed laws designed to regulate the distribution of these types of disability insurance payments. While many are designed to protect the worker, very often the insurance company can use these same laws to deny payments to others. This can make it difficult for many people to handle these matters on their own and often they will need the assistance of a lawyer who handles these cases on a regular basis.

Just as when a person is trying to obtain benefits from any insurance company, dealing with insurance companies who handle NYS Worker’s Comp in Rochester NY can be extremely difficult. Most insurance companies are looking for loopholes and other ways they can avoid paying all or portions of a claim. For someone who is unfamiliar with the laws or the procedures in these types of cases, this can make it difficult to get their application approved for benefits. Because of this, they may find hiring a lawyer to help them with the process may be the best option.


Because an attorney who regularly handles worker’s compensation cases will have experience in dealing with these matters, they will be able to offer advice and assistance to a person on what types of information the application is seeking. They will also have insight into the types of supporting documentation will be best for validating the claims on the application. Having this portion of the application handled properly from the start can often speed up the application process and sometimes help in getting the application approved for benefits.

However, if the claim is denied, an attorney can become even more valuable. The attorney will be able to review the denial and help the injured person in preparing for the appeal hearing. This can be very important, as the case will be heard before a judge in court. While this type of setting is not as formal as other types of court hearings, there are still very distinct protocols and procedures, which must be followed for the court to take a person’s appeal seriously. A lawyer will understand this and can often handle the process for the injured person. Contact attorney Vincent J. Criscuolo, Esq..