Web Design Trends You Should Not Ignore

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There is no question that the world of web design is constantly evolving. This means new trends emerge all the time and if you don’t stay on top of what these are, your website may become old looking or dated. One way to avoid this is to use a professional Web Design service in Fargo. Another option, which could also serve to supplement these professional services, is to use the information here that highlights some of the latest and hottest trends in web design.

Interesting Typography

Fonts with personality are one of the latest trends to consider when having a website designed. These are fronts that stray from the traditional san-serif or serif fonts and offer something a bit more aesthetically pleasing. Many designers are quickly learning that adding various, interesting fonts provides some uniqueness and personality to their designs.

A Large “Hero” Area Killing the Slider

A large hero area, which is the introduction area on your website that often includes a small amount of text and image, is clearly running rampant on some of the trendiest sites. This is also a new trend that is not going to fade away anytime soon, taking over the real estate where sliders previously resided.

Increased Focus on Mobile

With responsive Web design becoming more and more commonplace, you will see websites dig even deeper into the consumer’s mobile life. Web designers are starting to focus more and more on ensuring their sites remain fully functional on all types of mobile devices. Some developers are taking it even further by making sure websites are integrated with social media, asking visitors for email subscriptions, creating long scrolling sites and quick loading sties that all make the mobile devices much more Web friendly.

Videos Rather than Text

Why read something when you can watch it? Something else that you are going to see all over the Web, especially in the hero areas discussed above, ore videos. Videos are becoming much easier to produce and share on your website, as well as on social media. While there are still some designers who believe that videos should not be on a home page, this is an extremely effective way to communicate something new or technical when words just won’t get the job done.

When you use the latest trends in web design you can feel confident that your website will attract and convert consumers and make a great impression.

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