What are 5 Vital Facts Every Commercial Builder Must Know About Aluminum Channels?

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Aluminum channels are found everywhere in commercial buildings for structural and esthetic purposes. They are available in a “U” channel and “C” channel configuration. Crucial facts you should consider before ordering your channels will save you time and money when you choose the right product.

Fact 1: Extrusion Process
Aluminum is a soft metal and can be heated to a relatively low temperature of 900 degrees Fahrenheit and shaped into rolls or loaves called “billets.” This material can then be pushed into a die to make the desired shape and length of the product. A long length “U” channel means less welding and provides additional strength.

Fact 2: Consider the Aluminum Alloy For Strength Requirements
Some Aluminum alloys will provide better strength properties, while other alloys provide better conductivity for heat or electricity. Be sure to consult with the supplier if the channel will be used for structural support or for trim molding.

Fact 3: Consider the Thickness of the Channel
The thicker the channel, the more metal is used to produce it. This will add weight as well as strength to the channel. If the channel is to be used for structural support, the thicker “U” or “C” channels will provide the support necessary for home framing, store front window framing, doors, and the like. If weight is a limitation, then the channel is used for artistic purposes such as trim, decorative molding of various shapes and sizes, and frames.

Fact 4: No Function is too small
Other functions suitable for this product are store fixtures, store displays, glass/mirror frames, elevator decorations, and furnishings. Yes, this product is used for patio furnishings, table frames, doorframes, and a myriad of other uses.

Fact 5: Finishing
Aluminum and their various alloys require special processes to produce a high quality finish to the product. This includes various types of paints, stains and patterns that may be baked on for that perfect “look.”

There are so many uses for aluminum channels; the buyer may be faced with too many options to consider. It is best to consult with the supplier’s engineers to find the right options to achieve the function the channel is intended to accomplish. Developing this relationship with your supplier will ensure successful projects in the future.

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