What are Some Reasons Dental Patients Choose to Use Sedation Dentistry?

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Any individual who is old enough to visit a general dentist can choose to be sedated for the dental procedures. There are a number of reasons why a patient would choose to be sedated for a dental procedure.

The following is a look at some of the reasons why patients choose to visit a dentist who practices sedation dentistry, or anxiety free dentistry as it is sometimes called.

Extreme Fear of the Dentist

Many patients who suffer from an extreme fear of the dentist find sedation dentistry near me to be beneficial. These patients are able to receive valuable dental care without having to deal with the extreme anxiety they have when they visit a dentist.

Patients with a Severe Gag Reflex

Dentists need to work for prolonged periods of time in a patient’s mouth. Unfortunately, patients who have a severe gag reflex will often react to even the simplest procedures. This can make administering dental care to these types of patients difficult.

Sedation dentistry has been found to help patients with severe gag reflexes relax. When these patients are relaxed, the gag reflex is relaxed and the dentist is able to perform any dental procedure with ease.

Patients Who Wish to Have Multiple Dental Treatments Performed in a Single Visit

Some dental patients find it easier to have multiple dental procedures performed in a single visit. Unfortunately, a dental patient may start to feel tired or fatigued while having all the procedures performed.

A dentist can use sedation dentistry to relax the patient and perform multiple treatments in a single visit. The ability to relax the patient will make it easier to perform multiple procedures, as the dentist will not have to worry about patients gagging, closing their mouths during treatment, or becoming fatigued.

Other patients that could benefit from using sedation dentistry include younger patients, those that have neck or back problems, those with physical limitations, or those with anxiety issues.

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