What Educational Background Does my Cosmetic Surgeon in Gulfport Undergo

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Cosmetic surgeons do not gain their skills overnight. In fact, it takes over 10 years of schooling, residencies, and medical fellowships to gain the knowledge needed to become a cosmetic surgeon in Gulfport.

The following is a general overview of the educational background and training each cosmetic surgeon receives before he or she opens up a private practice. The route each cosmetic surgeon takes will vary, but this is typically the general route most surgeons take to gain knowledge and skills.

All individuals who wish to become a cosmetic surgeon must graduate from an accredited four year college. These individuals typically earn a bachelor’s degree in some field related to the medical industry. Nutrition, neuroscience, biology, and chemistry are all popular choices of undergraduate programs for people who wish to continue their training as a cosmetic surgeon.

After graduating from a four year college, individuals will be required to apply to a medical college. Admissions to a medical college can be extremely competitive. It requires solid recommendations, high scores on the Medical College Admission Test or MCAT, and good grades as an undergraduate.

Once an individual is accepted to a medical college, they will attend classes for four to five years. The classes these individuals will attend include a mix of in-class lectures, hands-on training, and seminars that will teach them specific skills and knowledge needed to become a qualified and trained cosmetic surgeon.

After graduating from medical college, an individual will have earned a medical degree and will move on to medical training through a residency. Most cosmetic surgeons will attend surgeon residencies at a hospital or medical center that specializes in cosmetic surgery. The residency typically lasts three years.

Once a residency is completed, an individual will be able to practice medicine on their own. Some individuals will choose to join a surgical practice with other surgeons, while some may join a fellowship. In rare cases, an individual will open their own private practice.

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