A Veterinarian in Bloomfield, CT for Preventative Care for Your Pet

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Caring for a pet is a rewarding experience. The relationship between owners and their pets is a special relationship, which often includes a lot of belly rubs for dogs, or snuggling sessions with a beloved cat. This relationship is also a tremendous responsibility, and owners in Bloomfield must consistently attend to their pets by performing specific daily routines, which may include walking, feeding, or entertaining them when they need attention. Owners must also make certain their pets are secure when in public, protected from other aggressive animals, fed a healthy diet, and taken to their local Veterinarian in Bloomfield, CT, at the Windsor Animal Clinic for regular check-ups, and to monitor their health efficiently.

Although each pet has a unique personality, there are common diseases and conditions they may experience in their lifetime that will need special medical attention from a veterinarian for treatment. Regular veterinary care can significantly prolong a pet’s life, and contributes greatly to his or her quality of life as well. Pets need more than just vaccinations when they are young, they need a preventative pet care plan that assesses the state of their physical health, including their hearing and vision, and identifies any problem areas early.

Pets are susceptible to periodontal disease just like their owners, and may suffer with tooth pain, gingivitis, bad breath, or tooth loss without proper dental care. Parasites are also very dangerous to an animals health, and other pests that are a common nuisance can be effectively treated by a Veterinarian in Bloomfield, CT at the Windsor Animal Clinic. Attempting to treat these conditions with over-the-counter medications, or herbal remedies for animals is dangerous without a proper diagnosis from a pet care professional. They have the medical testing capabilities to properly test the animal to accurately identify the parasite for a speedy recovery. Home remedies may be tempting for pet owners who want to cut costs, but they are putting the lives of their animals at risk in the meantime.

The Windsor Animal Clinic also provides microchipping services, radiology, ultrasounds, laboratory testing, surgery, including spaying or neutering services, prescription medication for treatment, and individual dietary advice for optimal health. They are committed to providing a wellness care plan for each of their clients pets to ensure they receive the best medical treatment and necessary examinations to live a healthier life, and to spend more time loving and enjoying their company as well.