What is broadloom carpet?

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A loom is a device which is used for weaving; broadloom carpet in Charlotte is any carpet which is woven on a wide loom. Broadloom carpets are advantageous when the homeowner sets out to carpet large rooms as there is no need for the installers to create any seams. Broadloom carpeting can also be edge bound and used as a large standalone area rug as they certainly carry the advantage of size over carpets which are woven on narrower looms. Broadloom carpet is a mainstay in many carpet showrooms; it is available in a wide variety of surface textures and colors.

Carpet looms today are very sophisticated when compared to looms from bygone days, they are all computer controlled and can produce styles and designs never before available. The loom operators can create patterns and sizes as desired by customers worldwide. Broadloom carpet in Charlotte can be pile woven or loop woven and can bring together a myriad of colors in a common weave. If the carpet is purchased with the intention of being used as an area rug, the edges can easily be bound to stop unraveling and to give the piece a finished look.

The materials that are used in woven carpets vary considerably. Natural materials such as wool and sisal are always popular choices at reasonable prices, other materials such as nylons and other synthetics are also readily available. Synthetic carpets are often fire resistant so they are the natural choice in office buildings and other areas where there are strict fire codes that must be followed. The fire resistant feature is either via chemical after treatments or within the actual fiber. The backings that are used for any broadloom carpet is stable and can stand hard usage.

When broadloom carpets are laid they are normally installed over an underlay. The underlay material is either felt or foam and either will provide additional sound insulation and warmth, they also isolate the carpet from any possible condensation which may form on the bare floor, often concrete. The thickness of the under pad varies depending on the type of carpet being laid and the location. Thick plush carpet in the home will have thicker underlay than what you can find in a commercial environment where the emphasis is on hard wearing carpet.

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