The Services of Your Family Dentist in Pewaukee, WI

12838752_lFamily dentistry, like general, is engaged in the maintenance of oral hygiene and dental health. The terms “family dentistry” and “general dentistry” are often used interchangeably, although they do have a slight difference. Some dentists only work with certain age groups. For example, pediatric dentists are limited to the prevention and treatment of diseases of the teeth of small children. Family dentists usually treat patients of varying ages, which range from small children to adults, including the elderly. Your local Family Dentist in Pewaukee, WI, for instance, is responsible for ensuring that the accumulation of plaque in their patients is minimized, the process of tooth decay is not developed, and gums remain healthy.

Services of Family Dentists

Since it is believed that these sections of dentistry are the first line of protection against the disruption of normal oral health, family and general dentistry refers primarily to the types of prevention available. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends visiting your family dentist for examination at least twice a year. Such exams are accompanied by an in-depth, or standard, cleaning procedure, which will eliminate accumulations of tartar. This helps prevent tooth decay. In such cases, and if necessary, your dentist will treat the teeth with fluorine.

They will isolate the teeth on external factors, as well. This procedure is also important in the prevention of tooth decay. Preventive examinations can also help identify oral diseases long before the more noticeable symptoms. There are cases where the dentist will conduct preventive x-rays for the detection of voids and other hazards in the teeth and jaw. If this test finds a discrepancy, the dental professional can repair it with complex reconstructive procedures.

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Although family dentists usually engage in preventive and restorative dentistry, many of them receive additional training to provide services in aesthetic dentistry. These consist of treatments like teeth whitening and porcelain. These dentists have higher qualifications than your conventional Family Dentist in Pewaukee, WI, although, they still refer patients to other dentists, especially if you need specialized treatments. These specialists include orthodontics, endodontics, prosthetics and oral surgery. For children under five, a Family Dentist may recommend a pediatric dentist with specialized knowledge and the skills to work with young children. For more information, visit Pewaukee Dental.

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