When Filing Bankruptcy Colorado Springs Residents Should Always Work With An Experienced Attorney

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When Filing Bankruptcy Colorado Springs should always work with an experienced attorney. Although they may believe they can fill out the necessary paperwork themselves, forgetting, misreporting or misunderstanding important items can result in a delayed response from the court. It may also mean that you will have to refile your case and show up in person over again. Having that attorney that understands how the bankruptcy laws work is the first step to getting your bad debts erased from your financial and legal record. When Filing Bankruptcy Colorado Springs residents should take the time to speak with legal representation to learn if their case is a solid one. Within the framework of even a half hour consultation, clients can also learn if they can declare a Chapter 7 case or are eligible for Chapters 11 or 13. Visit the website of Attorney David Koppa if you are unsure of just how an attorney can be the answer to any obstacles that may be in your way. One visit to Davidkoppa.com can give you a sample case study as well as a list of myths about how the process works in the first place.

One popular myth says that after a bankruptcy you will never be able to build credit again and be denied credit cards for a period of at least ten years. Most people already have low or lowered credit scores when considering their legal options. Through careful planning and credit rebuilding education, you can safely rebuild your credit and improve your FICA score to above average levels.

Another myth that creditors would like you to believe says that you can lose everything you have spent a lifetime working towards. Many people still live in fear of losing their home and all their worldly goods to the court system. This is simply not true. Most people can file and keep not only their home, but their household goods and retirement accounts. Minimizing what you may have to surrender is best left to your legal counsel to take into consideration before filing your paperwork. It is just one of the things a consultation can answer before you proceed.