What Roofers In Wilmette, IL Want People To Know About Their Roofs

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Simple roof maintenance goes a long way. It protects the roof from damage that leads to costly interior and exterior repairs. Roofers in Wilmette, IL have put together these simple tips for ensuring longevity and peak performance from their roofs.

Check Shingles Yearly

Annual shingle inspections are important because shingles play a major role in leak protection. After a year of wild weather and sun exposure, it’s not unusual to find that some shingles might be missing or damaged. Discovering the damage sooner rather than later is easier and cheaper to repair.

Trim Tree Branches

All it takes is for a medium-sized branch to break off during a storm or a windy day for it to fall on the roof and cause damage. Trimming back tree branches that extend out and over the roofline is something every homeowner should be proactive about doing.

Clean the Roof

Having the roof cleaned once a year is a great way to prevent mold and algae growth. Cleaning also gets rid of moss, which can damage all types of roofs from asphalt roofs to concrete roofs.

Unclog Gutters

Gutter maintenance is another part of roof maintenance. The gutter system is an important part of the complete roofing system. Clogged gutters become heavy and eventually will begin pulling away from the house. When this happens, the roof could become damaged too.

Residential roofing needs a little TLC to do its job well. To schedule an inspection with roofers in Wilmette, IL, contact Showalter Roofing Services today.