What to Expect at a Dog Clinic in Lenexa, KS

by | Jun 30, 2014 | Veterinarian

Just like humans, dogs need proper medical care. When a pet becomes ill outside of the usual veterinarian office hours, one alternative is to take the pet to the local Dog Clinic in Lenexa KS. Here is what the owner can expect to happen.

A Quick Evaluation

Upon arriving at the dog clinic in Lenexa KS, a medical professional will conduct a preliminary examination of the pet. The owner is present during the examination, since that will often help to keep the animal calm. This arrangement also allows the professional to ask the owner a few questions. The answers provided can often make it easier to isolate the origin of the pet’s distress, and begin the right course of treatment.

Admitting the Pet

In some situations, the clinic professional may be able to administer a shot or provide some type of medication that will take care of the problem. When this is the case, the owner is allowed to take the pet home. When the situation is more complicated, the dog is admitted to the facility for observation and treatment overnight.

The process of admitting the pet to the clinic is similar to checking into any type of hospital. The owner will provide basic information about the pet, including data about past illnesses or any known allergies or conditions that the pet has. Information on how to contact the owner is also included in the process. If the owner has any type of pet insurance in place, the policy number and the name of the provider is also collected during this process.

Visiting the Pet During Treatment

If the pet has to have surgery or must undergo some type of treatment that will take a few days, the owner is certainly free to visit the pet during that time. Typically, there are visiting hours that must be observed. Information about visiting hours is provided to the owner when the dog is admitted.

For dog owners who want the very best for their pets, Click here and learn more about what the local clinic has to offer. When the pet does need some sort of attention, there will be no doubt where to find the right professionals to take care of the problem and ensure that the dog enjoys the best possible level of health and well being.

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