What To Look For In Newark NJ Drug Rehab Facilities

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When you realize you have a problem with drugs, whether illegal or prescription, it’s best to seek help as soon as you can. Newark NJ drug rehab facilities can help you overcome your addiction, learn more about the disease and help you establish safe ways of dealing with stress and problems in life. However, before you can begin on your road to recovery, you have to choose the right rehabilitation center for help.

Questions To Ask Yourself

The first thing you should do is ask yourself some questions and be honest about them. For example, is your condition severe? This means that you start to shake or have withdrawal symptoms immediately after stopping for a few hours or days. Many times, when people have used drugs for years, they cannot quit without shaking, trembling, seizures and more. In this case, it is best to choose a facility that offers detoxification in a medical setting.

Likewise, if you’re handicapped or have special needs, such as a particular diet, you’ll want to find Newark NJ drug rehab facilities that can accommodate you, so you feel comfortable.

You’ll also have to think about costs and find out if your insurance will help cover some of the expenses. If you can’t afford inpatient or residential options, you may still find support through IOP or outpatient options.

Questions To Ask The Center

Once you’ve got a list of potential Newark NJ drug rehab facilities, it is best to ask about the average length of stay, costs, certification for staff members, and whether or not detoxification is available/required. Likewise, you’ll want to find out about aftercare or follow-up programs to help with relapse prevention and the philosophy or method of the center itself. Your goal is likely to not relapse, and you may prefer faith-based or evidence-based methods, depending on your beliefs. Contact Greater Essex Counseling Services or view website for more details.