What Treatments Can Your General Dentist Provide?

A general dentist is often referred to as a family dentist; this dentist provides all the basic dental care that patients of all ages need. In many cases a general dentist in Cedar Rapids, IA will accept emergency patients and offers services which include routine checkups. A general dentist is quite capable of performing all the routine work that any family can expect and like any other professional, the dentist needs to be licensed to practice and he or she must take continuing education to maintain the license status.

On a day in-day out basis the general dentist in Cedar Rapids, IA works with established patients and accepts new patients who wish care and treatment. A great deal of the work concerns cleanings and general checkups which help the dentist stop a problem before it gets out of hand. The patients who have chronic dental problems will normally need closer monitoring and more advanced work than most to ensure that their dental needs are met. There are instances when the care that is required is not part of the skill-set of the dentist, under these circumstances the dentist will provide a referral to a care provider that can handle the treatment. Most general dentists send along a case history with the patient so that the specialist is well aware of all past work.


Many general dentists are offering cosmetic dentistry along with the basic oral care such as the care of cavities. Routine cosmetic procedures that are offered usually include teeth whitening, veneers and dental implants. In many cases the dentist will work with others so that the patient gets complete dental care. If the general dentist does not offer orthodontics for example, he will continue to see the patient for their routine checkups and other care that they can provide.

Many patients will see the same general dentist in Cedar Rapids, IA for many years; starting as a youngster and continuing through their senior years. Many family dentists are trained to handle pediatric dentistry as well as geriatric dentistry. Starting with the very young, over the years the dentist becomes familiar with the needs of the patients and can provide ongoing care in areas which are of concern. Because the dentist has a long history with the patient, he quickly becomes aware of all the detailed history, this makes it easier to catch dental problems and nip them in the bud.

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