Concrete Repair After the Seasonal Flooding in Mount Vernon WA

Mount Vernon WA is among the best places to live in the entire country. In fact, it was voted the best small city in America by the New Rating Guide to Life in America’s Small Cities for the year 1998. The climate is moderate with plenty of rainfall, making the Skagit Valley is ideal for growing thousands of acres of tulips. However, it’s no secret that downtown Mount Vernon is also prone to flooding from the Skagit River.

Flood Damage and Concrete

There are a number of ways that floodwaters can damage concrete, especially if the water stands for any length of time. When water seeps through any cracks in the concrete, it can begin to dissolve the minerals in the cement or even the aggregates. When this happens, the concrete loses its strength and begins to decay.

Another significant source of water damage is caused by bacteria. While the bacteria themselves don’t cause direct damage, the bacteria in untreated sewage produces hydrogen sulfide. Aerobic bacteria then can oxidize the hydrogen sulfide into a film that contains sulfuric acid. The sulfuric acid then begins to dissolve the concrete.

Repairing Flood-Damaged Concrete

The first step is to evaluate the damage. The concrete might be repairable, or if it’s a patio or driveway, it could also be easily replaced. Research your options for concrete repair in Mount Vernon, WA, then get a professional assessment of the damage before you proceed.

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