What You Need to Know About Invisalign in Baltimore

by | Jun 9, 2014 | Dentistry

On every magazine cover, every television advert, and every movie you see, the model or actress has a perfect, pearly white smile. Everyone you work with seems to have perfectly straight teeth and a glowing smile to offer up at any occasion. You offer a tight lipped smile, hiding your overlapping teeth, wondering how everyone in the world around you has such perfect teeth. Truth is, they probably had crooked teeth as bad or worse than you do. The only difference is that they had it fixed, via braces, when they were kids, but the last thing that you probably want to add to your crooked teeth is a load of metal braces. However, you don’t necessarily have to go the braces route to get a straight smile. Invisalign is a great alternative that is worth looking into.

The Invisalign in Baltimore procedure begins with taking x-rays and molds of your teeth. Then, polyurethane trays are made to shift your teeth little by little. Every so often, you will receive new trays, until your teeth are straight. Because the trays are transparent, they are less noticeable than braces. This is a great option for adults looking to straighten their teeth without the look of metal braces. However, the effectiveness of the system depends entirely on the patient. The patient needs to be committed to wearing the trays consistently throughout the day and night, only removing them when eating or brushing.

Invisalign isn’t right for everyone, and many times if you require very intensive straightening, it may not be the right option. Invisalign also tends to be more expensive than regular metal braces. It is important to work closely with your dentist or orthodontist to make sure you select the best option for you.

If you’re looking for some information on Invisalign in Baltimore, there are several providers that can help you figure out the right path to take for achieving the smile you want. They offer a variety of dentistry options form general dentistry work, to more long term procedures like braces and Invisalign.

Since everyone is different, it is important to have a dentist evaluate your particular situation and advise you with the best option for your smile and the overall health of your teeth. Click here for more information.

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