When to Hire an Accident Attorney in Bel Air

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Minor auto accidents are fairly common and typically do not need the assistance of an attorney to settle. However, there are instances where it is more beneficial to work with a skilled accident attorney in Bel Air that to struggle to settle an accident claim on your own. If everything the insurance adjuster tells you seems fair and they are willing to send you a check that covers all of your repair costs as well as any medical bills for expenses related to the accident, it makes sense to take the check.

Many people, though, become confused by the process and don’t feel they are able to negotiate with the insurance company’s claims adjuster. When this is the case, it is important to bring in an experienced accident attorney to take over the negotiations and settle your claim. If you were injured in the accident, your attorney may be able to get you a significantly higher settlement than you would be able to get on your own.

Another reason to hire an accident attorney is Bel Air is when the insurance company stops negotiating. If the claims adjuster has stopped answering your calls or has taken the last offer off of the table, you need a lawyer. Experienced accident lawyers can evaluate your claim and estimate how much it should be worth. While the adjuster may ignore you, he or she will not ignore your attorney. The insurance company stands to lose a lot of money if they have to defend against your claim at a trial. It is in their best interest to attempt to negotiate a fair settlement with your lawyer.

Though you may be able to avoid attorney fees by settling your own accident claim, many times victims find that they get to a point in the process where they feel they are in over their head and need help. If that happens to you, contact a lawyer to help you. You won’t have anything to lose because accident attorneys don’t charge their clients a fee unless they are able to get a monetary settlement for their accident claim.