When Life Comes Crashing Through Your Business Windows You Need a Commercial Window Repair in Houston

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Commercial buildings have different glass requirements than a typical residential home. The expanses of glass are larger, some are shaped uniquely to the business and often, the glass provides a first line of security for the business. In a commercial building, there are bullet proof windows, glass revolving doors, and wall partitions that are made from glass. In coastal areas, extreme weather such as a hurricanes also create problems unique to that area.

From multi-story buildings to store fronts and office spaces, finding Commercial Window Repair Houston is essential. Life happens. There are stray bullets, hurricanes and unexpected accidents that will occur all the time. As a business owner or facility manager, a glass company should be programmed into your cell phone. When the unexpected happens, you are prepared. Many companies require their installers to continually be educated in new installation and glazing techniques, different types of glass and safety issues.

Broken windows in a store front or commercial building can pose a security problem. No matter how the window was broken, contacting your Commercial Window Repair Houston as soon as possible is vital. Broken windows make a business vulnerable to theft and vandalism. They also allow inclement weather to further damage the building’s interior. With loss of structure and inventory, getting a repair person out quickly can help lower the potential financial impact and the size of your insurance claim.

Some windows are specially treated to lower the UV rays coming into the store; others are mirrored as a part of the overall building design. Matching the colors and tinting is important to the appearance of a building. Bullet resistant glass is also treated with special coatings aimed at stopping bullets from entering the work place. It is critical that the replacement glass being installed is compatible to the original glass.

The windows in our buildings allow us a view out into the world. Sometimes, that outer world comes crashing through the windows. When that happens, you need to find a glass company that specializes in Commercial Window Repair Houston. The windows in your building provide more than a view. They provide protection from inclement weather, keep the temperatures inside the buildings consistent and keep us safe. Don’t let a broken window in your business leave you exposed; contact 494 Glass & Mirror Inc.