When to Consult with an Accident Attorney in Phoenix

by | Mar 25, 2014 | Personal Injury

Accidents happen every day. Some accidents are minor and require nothing more than a bandage or some minor home care, while others are serious and can lead to major medical care, disabilities, disfigurement, brain damage, or death. Automobile accidents are not the only instances where an Accident Attorney in Phoenix can be consulted. The various types of accidents that may require that you speak with a lawyer include the following.

Slip-and-Fall accidents – While not all slip-and-fall accidents result in serious injuries, some can. Most cases where a slip-and-fall accident has caused a serious injury involve property neglect like neglecting to sign a wet floor or having debris sticking up on an unkempt lawn. It can happen anywhere and in some cases, the property owner is liable. Talking to an attorney can help you find out if you have a claim.

Automobile accidents – The most common reason people use an Accident Attorney in Phoenix is for obtaining a settlement after losses and damages due to an auto accident. This area of personal injury makes up a large percentage of all personal injury cases nationwide. In Arizona alone, more than 100,000 vehicle accidents. About half of these accidents resulted in serious injury and almost 1,000 resulted in wrongful death.

Dog bite accidents – Dog attacks can involve an otherwise friendly dog who is provoked or a dog whose trainer or owner has neglected to properly train them. The mistreatment of any animal can result in unpredictable behavior. Children are most often the victims in these cases, but adults can be bitten as well. These cases can result in lawsuits when permanent damage, scarring, or disabilities are incurred due to the incident.

Other areas of personal injury that can be represented by a lawyer include product liability, medical malpractice, and wrongful death. Monetary compensation does not change what happened in an accident, nor will it bring back a loved one, but it is the only way to make a party or company accountable for their neglect. You can get started with a free consultation with an attorney at the Robert Ramirez Law firm. That is how you find out if you have a claim. There is no risk in a free consultation and you do not pay any upfront fees for representation. Lawyers only get paid if you get a settlement.

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