Why Not Choose a Full Service Veterinary Facility When You Need a Cat Clinic in Lenexa KS?

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Your cat probably feels like a member of the family, so you naturally want cat-friendly health care for your pet. Because they understand the importance of a cat clinic Lenexa, KS professionals at the Falcon Valley Animal Hospital offer pet care tailored for feline needs.

DIAGNOSTICS: Unlike smaller facilities, a veterinary hospital includes state-of-the-art radiology, ultrasound, and laboratory equipment. This allows vets to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat your pet. Professionals can find items that have been swallowed, in addition to disease. Their board-certified radiologist evaluates results, and can advise you when a specialist or second opinion is needed. The hospital’s equipment allows them to perform biopsies, detect pregnancies, and perform dozens of tests. These include parasite detection, blood tests, and bacterial or fungal cultures.

* WELLNESS EXAMS: Specialists in cat care will provide a new kitten package when you adopt, and explain how to care for your new pet. They also offer ongoing wellness exams. A vet will evaluate your cat’s behavior and appearance, and will listen to their heart and lungs. They can locate lumps, joint disease, vision problems, and tooth issues. Professionals tailor specialized services for your cat, from kittenhood to senior care.

* PREVENTION SERVICES: When your pet visits a veterinary hospital’s cat clinic Lenexa, KS vets can protect their health, by providing all needed immuniazations. In addition, they will educate you about the dangers that parasites pose to humans and their pets. Professionals will design treatments to keep your pet parasite-free. These include products that elmininate ticks, fleas, worms, and more.

* SURGERY: Veterinary facilities, such as the Falcon Valley Animal Hospital, are equipped with hi-tech surgical suites. They can spay or neuter your pet, as well as repair wounds, remove masses, and perform soft tissue or joint surgeries, among other options. Surgeries are performed using the same care and sterile procedures as those used on humans.

Your local full-service veterinary facility’s cat clinic can offer your pet specialized services that range from well-pet care and disease prevention, to hi-tech diagnostics and surgical procedures. Their website,  also outlines the many other advantages that their facility offers.