An Adoption Attorney in Washington Indiana Can Help You Adopt Your Stepchild or Grandchild

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Many adoptions take place within a family. Grandparents adopt their grandchildren when their children are not able to care for them. Stepparents also adopt their spouse’s children when the other parent is not a part of the child’s life. In order to complete the adoption with the least stress, prospective adoptive parents often hire an adoption attorney in Washington, Indiana.

Stepparents who have very strong bonds with their spouse’s biological children sometimes consider adoption. This decision may come after the couple has their own children to give the stepchildren a feeling of security. Adopting a stepchild is a major decision that should not be entered into without carefully considering all of the pros and cons.

As an adoptive parent, you will have all the rights of a biological parent as well as the responsibilities. Fathers can give their adopted children their last name but may also be required to pay child support if the couple ever separates. An adoption attorney is Washington Indiana can explain the process and any consent requirements to you.

Grandparents often find themselves in a position where they need to raise their grandchildren. Sometimes the grandparents are the sole caretakers and the children may even call them mom and dad. If you want to formalize the parent and child relationship you have with your grandchildren, adoption may be the answer. When you adopt your grandchild, a new birth certificate will be issued with your name as the parent. Your will have complete parental rights and can make legal decisions on behalf of your grandchild, including enrolling him or her in the school of your choice. When you die, your grandchild will inherit from you as if they were your child.

Family adoptions can be more complicated. An adoption attorney can advise someone who is considering adoption whether they need to get consent from the birth parent before they file their petition with the court. An experienced lawyer can guide you as you go from being a stepparent or grandparent to a mom or dad to the child you love. Visit the website for more information about family adoptions.