Four Things Male Vancouver Singles Miss about Relationships

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Lifestyle & Relationships

It is not just women who feel lonely or miss being in a relationship. Most men are also looking for a long lasting relationship and miss many aspects of being part of a couple. Here are four things male Vancouver singles miss when they are not in a relationship:

1. Proper Dress: Believe it or not ladies most men are not metrosexuals and could use a little help in the appearance department. Men are often out of their element when it comes to how to look and dress and although they might follow along a certain style they might share with their friends often men are not comfortable picking out clothes and learning how to groom themselves with a certain sense of style. Although men might not want a complete makeover just because they are dating they don’t mind having a lady in their life who can help keep them looking presentable. It’s always good to have some let them know when their shirt should be tucked instead of untucked and when their beard has gone from sexy Ian Somerhalder to a deranged Zach Galifianakis.
2. Wedding Dates: Yes men hate going to weddings without a date too. It is always awkward to go to a wedding sans a date and having someone to sit with at the ceremony, share a drink with at the reception and even to slow dance with when the romantic music starts playing makes weddings a lot less depressing.
3. Someone to hang with: Although most guys have a few “bromances” that can keep them busy guys also enjoy just hanging with a lady friend. Snuggling in bed, watching TV, having a drink on a patio or spending the day at the beach is something guys enjoy doing with a gal pal. Being able to spend time with a lady friend is relaxing and fun is a great way to unwind and just have some good old fashioned flirting and cuddling time.
4. Holidays: Guys also enjoy being in a relationship during the holiday season. It is easy to feel lonely and left out at this time of year. They enjoy having someone to splurge on, take to holiday parties and even do some traditional things like get a small tree for their apartment and decorate it with someone.

Guys are just as lonely being one of the Vancouver singles as gals are and would love to have the chance to get to know someone and become involved in a meaningful relationship.

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