How To Tile?

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It would be a mammoth project to Tile Brooklyn NY but, I suppose, theoretically, it could be done. Although providing an answer as to why you would want to do it would be difficult. It’s probably better to limit your thinking to smaller areas rather than trying to Tile All Of Brooklyn NY.

What Are Tiles?

The word is variously applied but its most common usage is when a relatively thin layer is applied as a solid covering, onto a flat area, by placing and fixing smaller square or rectangular pieces over the area until the whole is so covered. These solid pieces can be in many materials. We even have carpet tiles and tiles made from various plastic materials. However, most of us will think of stone or ceramic as the first choice of Tile In Brooklyn NY.

Why Tile?

Any place that we use – be it an indoor room or an outside terrace – could be perfectly functional if left with bare floors and walls. Bare concrete might not be so easy to clean but that only means a little extra housekeeping effort. However, such bare surfaces are definitely lacking in eye appeal and, in general, we much prefer to be in attractive surroundings.

We can cover areas in paint but, if we Tile In Brooklyn NY, we have a much wider selection of attractive colors, patterns and finishes to choose from. In addition, because tiles are smaller pieces that can be easily applied to any flat surface (floor or wall), covering quite large total areas can be quickly achieved. Greeks and Romans at the height of their empires were some of the first to see the advantages of covering their walls and floors with tiles. In particular, they appreciated laying their tiles in picture like patterns which we now call “mosaics”. Even the word tile comes to us from the Latin word tegula (a fired clay roofing tile).

Tile Materials

(A) Ceramic Or Porcelain

Making ceramic tiles and pottery share the same root in so much as clays are mixed with water and then shaped before heating them in an oven to make them solid. A glaze may be added, along with coloring substances. To be a tile, the final shape will be flat. One side may have a slightly raised, usually glazed pattern and the other side will be the plain, fired clay but shaped to increase its adhesion to the surface that it will be laid onto. Ceramic tiles are often mass produced on special press machines.

(B) Stone Or Masonry

Here, the individual tiles are cut and sliced from blocks of quarried stone. A recent development is to use stone granules or powder that can be bonded into solid shapes for use as tiles. So called “synthetic” stone has a repeatable texture and color not normally found in nature.

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