Keeping Pets Happy this Summer: Pet Vaccination in Lenexa, KS and Other Healthy Tips

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Many pets and their people enjoy spending time outdoors during the warm months of summer. This usually means lots of walks, romping around outdoors, and socializing with other pets. All of this exercise and social time can be very beneficial to pets. Dogs who are walked regularly and have an hour or more of outdoor play every day maintain healthier weights and are better behaved than dogs who aren’t. They also benefit from social contact with other pets and their owners. Unfortunately, there are some precautions every good pet owner should take to ensure their loved one stays happy and healthy during the warm months. The first step a pet owner should take is obviously visiting a qualified veterinarian and getting pet vaccination in Lenexa, KS.

Unfortunately, while spending time outdoors with other pets is great fun, there are also risks. For one thing, not every pet owner is as diligent as they should be when it comes to keeping their pet’s vaccinations up to date. Any dog who is exposed to an unvaccinated dog is at risk of contracting a parasite or other serious health condition. This is why it is critical for responsible pet owners to be proactive and get the latest series of pet vaccination in Lenexa, KS. This is also a great time for the doctor to give the pet a thorough check-up. Taking this simple step will ensure that beloved pets remain happy and healthy all summer long.

After the pet is given a clean bill of health pets and their owners can enjoy the summer together as long as they follow a few tips:

* Never leave a pet in a car. Never! Not even for five minutes

* Hot pavement burns paws. If the owner can’t hold his knuckles against the asphalt for four seconds, it’s too hot for paws

* Approach unfamiliar pets carefully and always get permission before allowing pets to meet

* Hydration is critical. Pets should have access to clean water at all times

* Pets are part of the family. Bring them inside! This is especially true in the heat

* Elderly pets need frequent breaks to rest and cool off

Summertime should be full of activity and fun. Following the tips in this article is a great way to make sure that is the case. For more information on keeping pets healthy or to make an appointment visit website